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ABOUT Adam Ganz

I am a proud, lifelong Las Vegas resident. My family moved here when I was just a few years old in the 70s, more than 40 years ago. As early as elementary school, I dreamed of being a lawyer. My mother recently passed away and when I was going through her things, I found a report I had written in second grade. The topic of the assignment was what I wanted to do with my life, and it was all about being a lawyer. Growing up in Las Vegas and attending public school, I was motivated by some great teachers at R. Guild Gray Elementary, Cashman Middle School, and Bonanza High School, where I graduated in 1989.  


I was the first from my family to graduate from college. My parents were always supportive and loving. I only left our community for a few years to attend college and law school. From my second year in college on, I was self-sufficient. I worked to put myself through college and law school. I worked full-time and minimized expenses in undergrad.  In 1998, I graduated from the University of San Diego Law School, moved back home to Vegas for good, studied for the bar exam, passed the bar exam and got married to my wife, Prudence, all within about six months.


I believe my childhood experiences have guided me towards becoming a Judge. Essentially to ensure that the system is fair to everyone! In my mind, if you work your hardest at something, you should be rewarded for the effort, but if you can’t get a fair shake because the system is not fair, then it sends a bad message to everyone and things truly fall apart.


After law school, I began my 20+ year legal career in the area of civil litigation, where I have represented thousands of people and litigated a vast number of social justice issues affecting our community. Our business model has been focused on being brought in by other lawyers to do complex litigation and take cases to trial, and although our practice has focused on representing injured people, our work has crossed over into many other areas of law.


We have always focused our practice in a way to make our community safer by holding individuals, corporations, and even our local government accountable for their actions. While I have litigated several complex matters from road design to defective products such as helicopters or printing presses, my passion has been representing children. I was one of the first volunteers for the Children’s Attorney Project and have represented several children through that program over the last two decades. I have represented many children who have been wrongfully removed from their homes by the Department of Family Services and later abused, neglected, maimed or even killed while wards of the foster care system. I have also exposed the school district for failing to protect our kids from people or teachers who abused or harmed our students.

I have served as a Justice of the Peace Pro Tem hearing mostly domestic violence cases, appeared in the Nevada Appeals Court, the Nevada Supreme Court, the Arizona Appeals Court, the Arizona Supreme Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco and other US District Courts in Southern Nevada, Northern Nevada, and Arizona.

I have had the pleasure of trying cases as either the lead attorney or as second chair with, and against, some of the best lawyers in our community. I have tried cases in front of just about every Judge in this community. I have spent thousands of hours in the courtroom over my decades of being a lawyer in our community.


In addition to my extensive courtroom and legal experience, I have also served on several boards of directors for non-profit organizations and owned or managed several businesses in our community. This extensive business experience will give me an instant advantage in managing the Court’s budget and team of employees, but also allow me opportunities to help the Court’s administration through committees and other appointments.

My twin teenagers constantly keep me, and my supportive wife of 20 years, on our toes. My volunteer work in youth sports has taught me how important it is to be patient. My work in youth sports has also helped in my mentoring of dozens of law clerks and young lawyers, who I am proud to say still communicate with me as they move on in their careers in our community.


My passion for making our community safer has led to my accomplishments, and it would also serve me well as a judge.  I am guided by the simple principle that our community cannot be safe unless all litigants have a fair and impartial trial.

I believe this race is about finding a person to serve as your judge that will

be open-minded, compassionate, and qualified …

... Qualified, not just being a lawyer for the minimum number of years required to be a judge, and qualifications not only in years of experience but in different AREAS of law and other professional experiences.


In 2020, I sold my law practice to my former partner Marjorie Hauf. Since then, I took a sabbatical from practicing law on a daily basis but kept busy. I became certified as a Mediator in a 40-hour training course from UNLV.  I enrolled as a student at Pepperdine University’s Caruso School of Law to obtain my LL.M. in Dispute Resolutions. That program was over 1000 hours of training in dispute resolution, and I am nine weeks away from completing that degree.  I did arbitrator and mediator training with the American Arbitration Association and I began a neutral practice acting as an arbitrator for the AAA and doing private mediations and arbitrations. I continued to act as a court appointed arbitrator and pro tem judge in the short trial program. I also volunteered at the Neighborhood Justice Center serving as a volunteer mediator.  I continued to volunteer and represent children who were abused or neglected through the So. Nev. Legal Aid Center’s CAP program. I was recently appointed to the board of directors of the non-profit Red Rock Search and Rescue. I also began teaching at UNLV as an adjunct professor. 


I humbly ask for your vote.

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Nevada law allows for contributions up to $10,000 per person and $10,000 per entity for this race. Contributions are not deducible for federal income tax purposes.

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